Corporate Massage Therapy


Vancouver skylineComing from the fast paced lifestyle of Toronto Ontario I realize how busy people’s lives are with career, family and social life. Many professional people dealing with pain, injuries, postural changes and general stress and anxiety are unable to find the time to go to clinics for treatment. This is becoming the norm in Vancouver as well, where many professionals work long strenuous hours without having the time to take care of their bodies and minds.

I have had the opportunity to work around this problem by offering Corporate Massage Therapy session within the office environment. Most recently I have been offering this service at Schneider Electric in Burnaby, B.C. Employees are able to sign up in advance for 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions and receive assessment, hands on treatment and self-care exercises during a 9-5 workday without having to leave their office building. By decreasing pain, stress and imbalances and by improving function employees are able to work more efficiently and effectively, which will improve performance. Corporate treatments will also improve job satisfaction and decrease the numbers of day’s employees take off work due to pain or injury. They will also have a convenient way to utilize their Massage Therapy coverage.

By bringing in a Massage Therapist, Schneider Electric has demonstrated that they care about the health and well being of their staff. They also offer weekly yoga classes, boot camp classes and have an in house gym for employee use. These initiatives significantly assist in maintaining employee health and should be a model for all companies with many employees. Registered Massage Therapist

For more information on setting up Massage Therapy sessions at your office you can contact me at

UBC Nursing Massage Therapy Promotion


Ryan headshotRyan Abreu and West Point Grey Physiotherapy is pleased to announce that we will be offering 50% off an initial 60 minute Massage Therapy session for all UBC Nursing students and faculty throughout October. Put down your books, stethoscopes and scrubs and give yourself an hour to take care of your bodies and minds. If you have the time please visit and like our Facebook page.

Massage Therapy sessions can be very beneficial to all student nurses whether you come in because of the extended hours sitting and studying, the 12-hour shifts with constant walking or the overall stress of the program. Treatment will help with decreasing tension in over used muscles, breaking up myofascial restrictions that contribute to poor posture and decrease overall stress levels. It can help with reducing existing pain or injury and also as a preventative measure for keeping tissue healthy.

Have a stress free October!

Ryan Abreu Massage Therapy Bio


website headshotMy name is Ryan Abreu and I recently moved to Vancouver, BC in April 2014. My beautiful surroundings of trees, flowers and mountains has inspired me to write some of my thoughts down which I will use this blog for.

I am a registered massage therapist from Ontario and moved to Vancouver to continue my career and to be with my girlfriend. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Kinesiology degree and then went on to get my massage therapy diploma from Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto. Since 2013 I have had the great opportunity to work with tremendous health care professionals and clients. I spent a year treating motor vehicle accident patients at Physiotherapy on Wheels in Streetsville Mississauga, where I was employed by 3-time Olympic gymnast Alan Nolet. I also had the opportunity to work with LifeMark Physiotherapy, a company which is Canadian owned and has over 100 clinics across the nation. I was fortunate enough to use that experience to get my Massage Therapy Registration in BC and continue to work with LifeMark in Vancouver at the Stadium Chinatown station and at West Point Grey Physiotherapy near UBC.

My passion for athletics and healthy living has led me into my massage therapy career. I have trained in Taekwondo for 20 years and have competed and coached athletes at the provincial and national level. Over the years I have seen and experienced the wear and tear a competitive body endures with training and competition and have seen the benefits massage therapy provides. My goal is to treat every individual from athlete to retired senior and from desk worker to skilled worker to help each person reach a pain free state and allow them to perform at their absolute best. I want to keep athletes training, students studying and workers working.

If you would like an initial treatment I will be working at LifeMark Physiotherapy at 181 Keefer Place Registered Massage TherapistMonday and Wednesday, and at West Point Grey Physiotherapy at 4347 West 10th Ave on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday,

Massage Therapy and Foam Rollers


Do foam roller exercises actually do anything?

Foam Roller

Foam Roller

If you go to the gym, participate in fitness classes or have received any kind of bodywork therapy you have probably used or seen others using foam rollers. Could something as simple as a firm cylindrical piece of foam actually have benefits to the human body?

The answer is yes! A foam roller can be a useful tool to break up myofascial restrictions and increase flexibility, decrease pain and prevent injury. For an excellent description on fascia check out:

It is very important to use the foam roller properly. To do this one can rest a muscle or muscle group on the roller on the ground. They can use their hands or feet to prop themselves up adding the appropriate pressure to the roller. Like a deep stretch there should be some discomfort but it should never get to the point of pain. A rolling back and forth action should be done very slowly so that the muscle fibers and any restrictions can be ‘ironed out”. The most effective time to do this would be post exercise as part of the cool down and before any deep stretching.

Lower body foam rolling

Lower body foam rolling

The foam roller can break up myofascial restrictions (knots/restricted areas in muscle) in a similar way that massage does. It may not be as specific as a skilled massage therapists hands but it can work effectively on large muscle groups like the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes. Rolling over joints and bony prominences should be avoided since it can lead to injury. Instead, smaller objects such as a tennis ball or lacrosse ball can be used when rolling muscles in the back or other difficult areas such as; the neck, rotator cuff and soles of the feet. There are also various different densities of foam that can be utilized. Typically white rollers are softer, blue are medium and black are hard. You can choose your preferred density to treat gradually or more aggressively. For information on choosing the perfect roller for you this is a good article:

Rolling plantar fascia using a tennis ball.

Rolling plantar fascia using a tennis ball.

A routine of foam rolling and stretching can help elongate the muscles and keep them supple which will help improve function. A more relaxed muscle will be more flexible, have more endurance and power. It will also decrease chances of muscle strains during activity. Foam rolling is an effective tool for therapists to prescribe as self-care, it is also a tool for athletes and the general population to use to help them maintain the heath of their musculature and should be used regularly.Registered Massage Therapist


Keep on Rolling!

Ryan Abreu