UBC Nursing Massage Therapy Promotion


Ryan headshotRyan Abreu and West Point Grey Physiotherapy is pleased to announce that we will be offering 50% off an initial 60 minute Massage Therapy session for all UBC Nursing students and faculty throughout October. Put down your books, stethoscopes and scrubs and give yourself an hour to take care of your bodies and minds. If you have the time please visit and like our Facebook page.

Massage Therapy sessions can be very beneficial to all student nurses whether you come in because of the extended hours sitting and studying, the 12-hour shifts with constant walking or the overall stress of the program. Treatment will help with decreasing tension in over used muscles, breaking up myofascial restrictions that contribute to poor posture and decrease overall stress levels. It can help with reducing existing pain or injury and also as a preventative measure for keeping tissue healthy.

Have a stress free October!

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