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website headshotMy name is Ryan Abreu and I recently moved to Vancouver, BC in April 2014. My beautiful surroundings of trees, flowers and mountains has inspired me to write some of my thoughts down which I will use this blog for.

I am a registered massage therapist from Ontario and moved to Vancouver to continue my career and to be with my girlfriend. I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Kinesiology degree and then went on to get my massage therapy diploma from Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic in Toronto. Since 2013 I have had the great opportunity to work with tremendous health care professionals and clients. I spent a year treating motor vehicle accident patients at Physiotherapy on Wheels in Streetsville Mississauga, where I was employed by 3-time Olympic gymnast Alan Nolet. I also had the opportunity to work with LifeMark Physiotherapy, a company which is Canadian owned and has over 100 clinics across the nation. I was fortunate enough to use that experience to get my Massage Therapy Registration in BC and continue to work with LifeMark in Vancouver at the Stadium Chinatown station and at West Point Grey Physiotherapy near UBC.

My passion for athletics and healthy living has led me into my massage therapy career. I have trained in Taekwondo for 20 years and have competed and coached athletes at the provincial and national level. Over the years I have seen and experienced the wear and tear a competitive body endures with training and competition and have seen the benefits massage therapy provides. My goal is to treat every individual from athlete to retired senior and from desk worker to skilled worker to help each person reach a pain free state and allow them to perform at their absolute best. I want to keep athletes training, students studying and workers working.

If you would like an initial treatment I will be working at LifeMark Physiotherapy at 181 Keefer Place Registered Massage TherapistMonday and Wednesday, http://www.lifemarkchinatown.ca/ and at West Point Grey Physiotherapy at 4347 West 10th Ave on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, http://bcphysio.ca.

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